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About Us

Thanks for visiting RV Pad Rental By Owner!  We saw a need for alternative places to rent an RV pad from.  In a similar fashion to popular vacation rental by owner sites, we had the idea to do the same with RV pads that may be sitting all alone without an RV on it just waiting to have some company.

Have you tried to rent a pad in your favorite location just to find out that there are no spaces left?  Are you looking for something out-of-the-way and quiet, or perhaps close to the hustle and bustle of an inner city or sports event?  This site connects RV pad owners with available spaces with RV owners that want to rent a space.  Imagine the variety of locations when you consider how many RV pad owners exist out there.  Some owners may offer bargain rates while others may offer beautiful and unique experiences you won't find elsewhere.  If this sounds good to you then you are in the right place!

Do you own an RV pad or pads that are not in use anymore, or perhaps would like to earn some extra income?  Is your RV pad available when you travel in your RV that it may be rented out while you are on your trip?  RvPadRental.com is designed so that renters will seek you out.  If you are ready for an adventure then list your RV pad today!